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About Infusion Solutions

Infusion Solutions was formed by an alliance of local hospitals.

Combining their strengths, Infusion Solutions is able to efficiently deliver quality health care services.

Utilizing our own state-of-the-art pharmacy provides us with a higher degree of quality control, quicker service and more individualized care planning. We work with home health nurses who have extensive experience in the delivery of the highest quality care and the education of patients and families on home IV therapy.


Sourcing Only the Highest Quality Products

Our pharmacy provides infusion and injectable medications in the home. This allows patients to be comfortable, while receiving innovative, clinically superior services. Each prescribed solution is prepared in a sterile environment to your physician’s specifications. Patient’s response to therapy is monitored by professionals experienced in Infusion and Home Care.



All charges for pharmaceuticals, supplies and services are billed directly to payers by our reimbursement specialists. Infusion Solutions will verify and obtain approval for reimbursement.

– Commercial Insurance 
– Medicare 
– Medicaid (WV, OH, KY) 
– Private Pay 
– Other

Fully Accredited

We’re proud to express that Infusion Solutions has been accredited by the ACHC or Accreditation Commission for Health Care, which has surveyed our organization and found us to meet the requirements for accreditation.






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S-S: 24/7 Emergency Call


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