Infusion Solution Teaching Guides

Adult Patient Teaching Guide

Supplies needed for PICC Flush

1 Saline flush (white syringes)

1 Heparin flush (blue syringe)

1 Green Curos Cap

2 Alcohol swabs



Please WASH HANDS! Wash surface of work area with Antibacterial wipe or alcohol.


Place supplies on a hard surface work area.


Step one: Remove and discard green Curos cap. Clean end cap of catheter with an alcohol swab for 15 seconds.


Step two: Clear air out of Saline syringe. Flush line with 10 ml Saline (white syringe).


Step three: Clean end cap of catheter with an alcohol swab for 15 seconds.


Step four: Clear air out of Heparin syringe. Flush with Heparin (blue syringe).


Step five: Screw on new green Curos cap.


Follow this procedure with each lumen of your PICC or Mid Line every 12 hours as directed.


Supplies Needed: Continuous Antibiotic or Pain Management

1 – Sodium Chloride syringes (White syringe) ***If Heparin is required, use a 2nd Sodium Chloride syringe prior to

re-connecting new cassette or bag

1 – Heparin syringe – OPTIONAL – (Blue syringe) **Yellow syringe for Implanted Ports only

2 – Alcohol pads

Tubing for pump


Prepare work surface area with antibacterial wipe or alcohol

Wash hands

Place supplies on clean hard surface



***Before each time you flush or attach the bag or cassette to the IV access, scrub the hub for 15 seconds with an alcohol pad using FRICTION. DO NOT FAN OR BLOW ON HUB.

***PRE-FILLED SYRINGES have an air bubble in them. Remove package, evacuate air bubble by loosening cap, holding syringe straight up, then pushing air out of syringe. Re-tighten syringe until ready for use if needed. IF SYRINGE IS CONTAMINATED, DISCARD AND USE ANOTHER.

***Store drug as indicated on the medication label. If drug is to be stored in the refrigerator, then remove from refrigerator approximately 1-2 hours before hooking up infusion to allow solution to warm to room temperature. CHECK NAME AND EXPIRATION DATE PRIOR TO USING. ALSO LOOK FOR SEDIMENT OR PARTICLES IN CLEAR SOLUTION. ALSO CHECK FOR LEAKS AND IF ANY OF THESE THINGS EXIST, DISCARD AND CALL INFUSION SOLUTIONS IMMEDIATELY.

***Use supplies ONLY ONCE

***When flushing between pain cassettes/bags, push Sodium Chloride very slowly to avoid flushing; hot flashes; dizziness etc.